Miraculous Properties of Camel Milk and Perspective of Modern Science

Camel has been mentioned in Quran in different places and described a miracle of almighty God. Also, prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has recommend camel in his speech (hadith). The prophet (PBUH) has recommended camel milk for some diseases such as skin disease as remedy. Camel plays in important livestock which produced milk longer than any other ruminant under harsh condition of desert ecosystem. Camel milk is different from other ruminant milk different ways. Camel milk is rich in vitamin C and protective proteins such as lactoferrin, lactoperoxidase, immunoglobulins and lysozyme. Camel milk lacks β-lactoglobulin and used as an option for the individuals intolerant to lactose of cow’s milk. Camel milk is extraordinary in terms of antioxidative agents, antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, anti-hepatitis, anti-arthritis, treatment for paratuberculosis, preventing aging, remedy for autoimmune diseases and cosmetics. Insulin in camel milk is safe and efficacious in improving long-term glycemic control in diabetic patient. Camel milk reduces autism symptoms in children. Lactoferrin has ability to inhibit the proliferation of cancer cell. Camel milk is rich in magnesium and zinc thus could act as antiulcer. Therefore, this review focuses on the composition of camel milk and miraculous and medicinal aspect of camel milk in treating some diseases as anti-cancer activity against breast cancer through controlling metastasis. Milk fat is an important component in the milk which determines the nutritional value of milks. Camel milk has lower content of fat comparing to cow and human milk. Also, it has been reported that the fatty acids in camel mostly composed of long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (C14-C18) than short chains (C4-C14). This could be very useful of the body health.

James Franco Controversy Spotlights Hollywood’s Perpetual Blind Spot

Portuguese and Spaniards are not suitable to play “Latino” roles,


Last week actor John Leguizamo voiced strong opposition to the announcement that James Franco had been cast in the role of Fidel Castro in the upcoming independent film, “Alina of Cuba”, based on the life of Castro’s daughter Alina Fernández.

“How is Hollywood excluding us but stealing our narratives as well?” lamented Leguizamo on anInstagram post last Friday. “I don’t got a (problem) with Franco but he ain’t Latino!” he added. FernándeztoldDeadline she supports the casting, and lead creative producer John Martinez O’Felan told the publication that “finding and convincing James Franco to play Castro” was “a fun and challenging process,” citing efforts to “comb through the entire ranks of actors with Latin roots in Hollywood” and noting Franco’s “close physical resemblance” to the Cuban leader.

Leguizamo is drawing attention to two distinct but related problems around Hollywood’s representation of Latinos in film and…

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What was I thinking?

That’s basically what we think when we are in a toxic relationship and look back. Many times you never really know a person until you have known them for about a year before you make that long term plan commitment. At times you may meet a person and say wow, I believe that is the person for me after a short while. Big mistake, take your time because many times it’s a spoof. Meaning that a person may have an alternate personality into making you feel and question, why is this person not already in a relationship or married. Ahh, that’s what you should be asking yourself before you take that person’s reasons for still being single. Sometimes a person will tell you. Well I’m single because my last relationship was abusive, hurtful, cheated,etc. Always remember there are two stories so of course their going to tell you what you want to hear. They string you along until the truth comes out. Unfortunately many times the truth comes out and by that time you may have already moved in with that individual . Now you’re stuck in a bad relationship and then you find out the other side of that person which is toxic. Now you’re in a relationship that you’re trying to work it out because financially you are all the way in, you are expecting a child which is the ultimate I’m stuck situation. Always get to know the person you are in a relationship with because it’s better to hurt a bit than to go in seven years of wasted time and the possibility of meeting your real soul mate. Some people are selfish and uncaring as long as they get what they want. It is better to be by yourself for a while be okay with yourself first and then think about a relationship.

Being by yourself for a while is a good thing. Why rush into relationships that are toxic for the reason of not being alone. Guess what , when you are in a relationship that you did not give it time to blossom into a beautiful relationship you are with that wrong person feeling worst than being alone. Get to know to know that person, their family, friends, etc. That’s the only way you’ll get to know a person. Any person that gives you a reason for not meeting friend and family is a red flag and most definitely is a problem in the making.

I hope that this brief post will give those that are in the beginning stages of relationships or are looking for someone to share their lives with a better manner of going about it with no regrets . After all you don’t want to make a huge mistake and be stuck in a relationship because of responsibility’s and financial responsibilities five to seven years down the line and being miserable. When you could have took your time to meet the right person in your life. Your soulmate and your number one supporter. That way you will never have to say ” What was I thinking”.

Take care and be safe.


Plena is a Puerto Rican folk song that was invented by the island poor folk for as long as there had been oppression, slavery. The main instrument used in Plena is a Tambol ( a tambourine type of drum, it’s bigger with no mini symbols with a deeper type sound). Plena is a beat followed by lyrics that has been played by Puerto Ricans for as long as I could remember, again it’s our folk song.

Now, Bomba is a bar (a part during Plena) that rhymes as it describes oppression, politics, a wrong doing by a woman or a by a man, it again describes our political system, the manner in which the Puerto Rican people feel about oppression, poverty, love, good, bad, or just a joke. It’s sort of like the blues but with an upbeat tempo. This form of entertainment was invented by the poor mostly by people of the Campos (small farms) in secluded sections of Puerto Rico as far back to the 1800’s. Mixed together Bomba y Plena is (Borinquen aka Puerto Rico known as the island of Puerto Rico before it’s conquest by Spain. Where the islands name would change from Borinquen to Puerto Rico by the Spanish. However, just like with other things, to this day the island of Puerto Rico continues to be known as Borinquen.

Anyways, I found a funny clip of Bomba y Plena together on a post on Instagram and would like to share It with you. It’s not your ordinary Bomba y Plena. However, it will give you an idea. I hope you like it and appreciate that all our ansestors have at one time or another sung or heard our island folk music BOMBA Y PLENA.


Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, Harmony is hard to come by!

Last night I thought I’d watch the Netflix short film Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom. The film centers around the tensions at a Chicago music studio in 1927 when a fearless blues singer Ma Rainey and her band head over for a recording session at Paramount recording studio owned by Jewish owners that exploited black artists back in those days and made millions. The movie stars Viola Davis and Chadwick Bowman. The entire cast made a short film, a moment in time leaving an a everlasting impression on me. What is that impression?

My impression of this short film is that here we are in 2021 and nothing has changed. Yes we have had some affirmative action now called racial diversity that are words that changes the wording to make an illusion of change. But look at today’s Racial injustices, mental illness from the ills of living in poverty and the social terrors of living in the bottom. The missed opportunities because you don’t look like the cover person.

Look at your shows they taunt us with the rich and extravagant lifestyles television shows that we as a poor society cannot attain. We are not light or Lilly white anglo you have a one in ten chances. Can we ever live in a society that is socially equal and just. I say if it was to happen, I believe it would have been achieved by now and we haven’t.

The Best alternative to Milk Substitutes. Here’s a Simple Vanilla Oat Milk Recipe [Vegan] – One Green Planet

This is the easiest of easy homemade non-dairy milk recipes. To make oat milk, the only equipment you need is a blender and a nut milk bag. Unlike nuts, oats require very little soaking, so you can make a batch in nearly no time. And if you, like me, lack a fancy-pants blender, you’ll still be able to have creamy, delicious non-dairy milk without a trip to the grocery store. Simple Vanilla Oat Milk [Vegan] Advertisement     Calcium Rich, Dairy Free,     Soy Free.

Vegan Serves 2 cups Ingredients:

1/2 cup rolled oats                   2 cups water                              1 teaspoon maple syrup     Seeds scraped from half a vanilla bean.                

Preparation:                             Add the dry oats to the blender and pulse for 20-30 seconds, or until they’re in small pieces.                          Add the water and let soak for about 10 minutes, giving the oats a stir now and then if you think of it. Blend for 2-3 minutes, or until you don’t see any pieces. (Give your blender a little rest in between minutes if it’s not particularly strong.) Place a nut milk bag or if you don’t have a nut milk bag, cheesecloth will do (just pour in smaller amounts) over a large measuring bowl or mason jar and pour the oat milk through the bag. Use your hands to gently squeeze out the milk, but most of it should strain very quickly. Set the bag aside. Pour the milk back into the blender and add the maple syrup and vanilla. Blend for 10-15 seconds, pour back into jar, and refrigerate. Oat milk will last about a week in your fridge. You can use vanilla extract instead of vanilla beans if you don’t have them or don’t want the visual effect of the seeds in your milk; I just didn’t want to add alcohol to mine.

Now you can enjoy a perfect alternative to whole milk, almond milk, soy milk, that will not in endanger bee’s, the planet and it’ll also be good for you. Lastly, I personally enjoy only one store bought Oat Milk when I don’t have the time to make it myself I would only buy PLANET OAT MILK original flavor the others have lots of additives that makes it too thick and not pleasant taste or tasteless. I’d rather pay a bit extra and Enjoy.

Puerto Rico’s Strangled Trade With The USA

Americans took possession of the territory of the caribe when Spain lost the Spanish American War. Now Puerto Rico was given its autonomy by Spain (free from Spanish rule) prior to the end of the war. Therefore Puerto Rico was not a possession of Spain. The United States invaded and took over the island for it’s strategic location and it’s idealistic agricultural advantages as well as the Anglo conquistador manifest destiny over smaller territories in their quest to colonize those countries and territories. In the case of Puerto Rico it has destroyed the exports trades in lue of the billions they make off if the Merchant Marine Act or the Jones Act that has taken billions from the island. America has destroyed the Puerto Rico Import Export trade to the US and other countries.

Ask yourself when was the last time you walked into a mainland American supermarket and saw produce and/other items from the island of Puerto Rico which is a US territory that can import fruits, vegetables, and the same commodities that come from abroad faster, cheaper verses produce and merchandise from countries that are not a territory of the United States and miles further such as Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, and Latin American, South America, China and any other abroad countries. Take Mexico for example. Your local grocery and giant market chains carry only Mexican and abroad islands and countries and I’m not against their goods. However, Think about that when President Trump promised to bring jobs and products back to the US. Sounds like a bunch of horse shcit when Puerto Rico a United States territory has no fruit’s, produce, and/or any other products/ mechandice available at local grocery stores, Super Market chains, Walmart, Dollar General, etc? We are forced to purchase these goods at a much higher price than if it came from our US territory of Puerto Rico. Why would this make any kind of sense. Because in politics lobbyists make a lucrative living off of those type of iligalis taxtitus ( I call it). I TRY to make it a point to purchase products from the US and stay away from palm oil which is destroying the rainforest, Eco system and animals at alrming rates. I also avoid goods from other countries when possible. However, how can that be a reality when 90 percent of everything we purchase is from abroad by way of our own US politicians. So you tell me where is the colusion? Right in the chambers of Congress.

Don’t be afraid to question and make a difference. Even if it’s written in blog, posts, or pen and a paper in order to open people’s eyes into the dangers we are facing. We are fast becoming the weakest country in the world. Be Well!

Now, Take Me To Prison!

As if it were that easy, in The Movie ” GOOD FELLAS “. Remember the part where the character Henry Hill got in a limo, swallows some pills and tells the driver, Now take me to Jail.

Going away to prison will be a everlasting change in your life and the lives of your families.

 You say to yourself I could never see myself doing time.

Life it’s not that cinematic. It’s crazy what the human mind, body, spirit, and soul can withstand. At times I have heard individuals say ” I could never see myself in jail. I will die or any other crazy comment. I look at them and say bull. If you had no one to bail you out, give you support to make your way out. Guess what? You have to sit until your bail reduces to the point where you may be released due to the fact that you stayed in jail so long that you will be released. Also if you know the system there is something called bail reduction forms that you can submit for bail reductions every month until you’re released. Sometimes you can sit for 10 months to a year in a county jail which is worst that prison. That’s when I say the human spirit will push you to survive and withstand the getting comfortable and sitting for the stay.

I’ve seen many grown men cry while on their phone calls with there families. You see, I was the type that if I saw my self in that situation, I wasn’t calling anyone to bail me out. I just sat. Hell, I knew I didn’t kill anyone so how long can you keep me in? That in itself gave me that frame of mind” Get comfortable bro you gonna sit here for a while. I could never call home crying saying get me out of here, I’m going crazy. Yes their were quite a bunch of those during phone calls too. The crazy thing about it was that it would be the big grown guys doing this. I’d just look at them and think. Really, aren’t you embarrassed begging for someone to get you out of something you caused? Their are the exception. You really got people in there that really don’t belong there and yes, not everyone in there is guilty.

Going to prison is something many could never see themselves in. Just the thought of being in a pod incarcerated is scary, horrifyingly, and unimaginable thing to go through for many people. Especially,white collar crime and people that have lived a sheltered life. This is the reason why I wrote this post. Their are such things as jail edicat that you cannot know until you’ve been incarcerated. Funny but it’s true. I saw a show on television where people are preparing to go to their arraignments. At that time they’ll learn how much time they are looking at. Afterwards, when sentencing comes their actually looking for people that have been in prison/jail that can help them with their introduction to jail or prison 101. Yup, crazy but I said you know that’s a smart thing to do.

Not everyone has a close family member that’s been locked up. So you are in a situation where you must learn it. Should you break jail edicat you will suffer greatly for it. Remember, you’re in a place where it’s every one is for self and it’s only you that matters. Forget about a nice guy, no one is nice, everyone is looking for a mark. If your looking at a jail/prison sentencing date. finding yourself in a situation where you will have to be incarcerated is traumatizing and life changing experience. This is the reason I again decided to write this post. Their are individuals that can assist in this field for person’s with upcoming sentencing dates in the near future. Individuals that can assist in jail /prison expectations and preparation assistance. Their are individuals that assist in this field and it’s a much needed service yet no one facing such an unimaginable situation has the where about to go to get this information or are hesitant in looking for one.

I decided to assist  individuals which are facing time in jail and/or prison in finding such a person that can help. I myself was an individual lost in the system and it was terrifying. Fortunately, I knew many individuals in the penal system as a young man that helped me out. I’ll NEVER forget nor would I like for anyone to go through that experience. However, I got through it and you will too.

If you’re facing time in jail or prison and need someone to assist you into what to expect. Contact a parole officer, County Half Way House, or even myself. Because again there is something called prison edicate that You Do Not want to cross. I strongly urge you to reach out for assistance in getting through this difficult and dark situation. Life gives us many surprise’s and you never know where that may lead you.. Be Well

Call me at 973 750-8024 leave a message for Robert.

How Lucky Can One Man Be?

I’ll start this with,: How lucky can one man be. So I’m watching this show where the father probably has more kids than he planned or thought. With the day-to-day struggles of caring for the children the father rarely gets a chance to watch a football game. His favorite pastime before the children. The mother, the nurturer, wanting to include the children with the father’s passion makes a plan to buy tickets to take him and the children to a football game, EEK!

As the day starts out it’s basically chaos! The kids are all over the place they have to eat, they have to get snacks, they have to run around, and include tailgating. Meanwhile dad is struggling to fix the doorknob before they leave which abruptly broke. Now they’re off to the game where they get to the game and it still not the ideal game watching scenario. The father is changing diapers while catching quick glimpses of the game and the mother is with the other ones as well. Off he goes to change the diapers wherever he can since there’s not diaper changing areas at these places that you may go. So they made do and go through the game and I see that even though they didn’t get to watch the game it was a very difficult but cool day. Why do I say that because when we as a men have a passion that we enjoy watching or participating in versus the time in with our family. We tend to sometimes separate them and that can be the start of a down fall of the family. I give big ups to the spouse’s that make that initiative to include the father’s or mothers passion with the children’s presence because in the future they’re all going to remember that football game and how special it was to have them all together rather than have him alone and them at home.

Enjoy your Parenthood while you have them young because one day they’ll leave and you will have memories that at that moment seemed rushed but you did the right thing. How can that family’s memory replace a sports event without the craziness of the family. Parents make sure that there are many memories such as these. How lucky can one guy be!

Be well