Gangs Won’t Get Along!

But when you enter the DOC (Dept of corrections) you have to surrender to the norms of the institution and Let” Big D ” tell it:


The make sense transportation!

As I see the world changing I myself opted out of the comfort of my 6 cylinder car with the bells and whistles. With it comes more maintenance, costs and those irritating sensors that mean nothing other than spend more money, more money,more money at the mechanics. So I purchased a small 4 cylinder with just the basis. After a couple of weeks of riding it?  I found that it just makes sense turning to a smaller manual car with just the basic necessities vs the overload of extras. 

Of course you cannot compare the comforts of power steering but I enjoy the little car around the city and especially at the pump.  However, until electric car prices and recharge stations become more accessible I’ve been checking out these electric bikes. At $1400.00 it seems to be a no brainer for great transportation. I’ve seen people get excellent mileage with one charge on these bikes. It’s worth looking into the electric bike if a car is too expensive and of course if it’s the right for your lifestyle and needs of course.

Wendy Williams Is a Hot Topic

I remember there was a time when I enjoyed watching the Wendy Williams show. I especially enjoyed the hot topics segment of the show. However, for a while now I haven’t been watching the Wendy Williams show. The manner in which she treats people is getting a bit corney and ugly. Ex: You know that person in school that was crapped on daily so years later they became a cop, politician, or in this case a Wendy Williams. They make it their agenda to be just as nasty, uppity, terrible, and mean to those same people while in their position of power until karma eventually hits and it does. Well, Wendy Williams is that person in my opinion. The sadd part is when they loose control and behave in that aweful manner to everyone on a daily and it becomes them. An ugly, mean individual at that. Can we talk? Just notice how she says at times to certain guests “Friend of the show” and there are others. Think about that and you be the judge. I really enjoyed the show at first. Now she has become the hot topic not talked about on her show. Just a mean lonely looking individual. Look at the Instagrams, tabs,and news atricles about her and her husband,,, scandals!!!
I just can’t see her going pass the Wendy Williams show into a serious brand or gig for that matter if she continues this downward spiral of Hedda Harper and some of us know how she turned out!


If you live in an urban area in the state of New Jersey chances are when you shop for groceries you’ll notice the enormous amounts of plastic bags they give out. It ridiculous the amount of bags they give out in urban areas.
Now go to a supermarket in the suburbs and the opposite exists. The suburbs are against the plastic bag frenzy. They make every effort to encourage you to recycle your bags, BYOB, PYOB etc. In any event let’s stop the grocery plastic bag frenzy. It’s not cool when I see that plastic bag swaying in the branches of the tree in front of my apartment building.

They say the truth comes drunk “Cardi tells ALL her secrets! Exposes on YouTube

Loyalty is everything. If I can’t put you down as a “AAA” MF I can’t  have you around. Yesterday’s cirlce is down to a dot. I’m glad you don’t know me because all the real nigaz are gone.  Take a look at Cardi explain her reality. However, it’s like I said “the truth comes drunk” not that she had to be drunk to say it.  Yet, it’s the disappointment! When you think you made it and you ain’t got to deal with hood grime , you find that at least in the P’s you knew who was who and what was what. The worst is DL Disloyalty & betrayal. It always comes from those wit cash in the hills.  ME, Im frustrated, but still in the hood dot.