WholeFoods, Is It Really That Healthy?

Not too long ago Amazon took over WholeFoods and it practically took off over night. Today, you see more families flocking over to WholeFoods to shop for healthy foods. As you walk in you see healthy everywhere. The signs, colors, layout of products and other simple eye catching suttleties that say healthy and organic. Even the paper bags make you feel like your healthy. But let’s be real. Is WholeFoods as heathy as it wants you to appear to be? I say no.

The next time you visit WholeFoods just read the ingredients on their signature 365 products and others as well and you’ll see long list of not so healthy ingredients nor eco friendly places of origin that may suffer to bring wholefoods it’s products.

I’ll leave you with this which I know many of you have heard before. Don’t believe everything you hear or in this case see, only the receipts.


Crazy,,,Yesterday Americans Were The Immigrants”..

There was a time that Mexico allowed US citizens to live on their territory. South West Texas, California, Arizona, etc.. They liked the land very much. How did the American government thank the Mexicans? They perpetrated a fraud and stole their land “Classic”!!!

The same land the US is presently throwing them out of. Imagine kicking “Mexicans” out for being immigrants.

This is some real only in America type shit..

Children blue & brown eye exercise reveals racism. Decades later nothing has changed. Check out this video

Racism is a part of everything in our societies. For someone to think that racism does not exist you are ignorant and part of the problem. There was a time that people couldn’t sit together. Today they just don’t sit at all. Racism has been a inheritance of sorts where even if your not practicing it. The manner in your upbringing prepared us to not sit on the bench. Racism has taught us that even biracial relationship where children are brought into the world abide by the dominant side of the race. Sometimes  totally disinterested in the other side of the family and avoid their contact with the other side of the family because of  racism. Can humans change this horrible way of life? In truth I  believe that it cannot and will not. Racism is ingrained in our being by our families even before we are born. It’s a learned behavior of superiority. Sometimes even I find myself saying “The race card Again? However, racism also expresses itself in what I call reverse racism (Black on White racism) and if you don’t agree or are ignorant to this truth you are also a Racist.

Racism is a learned behavior. It would be the ideal utopia, A world free from the prosecution of racism but in reality this will never be. This will never happen because those that have been the initiators of racism taught it to our families and to our intended target  as well. No one is free from racism whether you act on it or CONFORM TO IT!!!!

It a realistic daily way of life. Many support it, many despise it, many conform to it . But in the end we all are guilty of this learned behavior. We are all in it in one way or another. If you would like to see how the adults do on the exercise just continue to watch. At least the children were honest. No one is exempt from racism…

No one!!!!!!


Puerto Rico Nunca Tuvo Estado Libre Asociados! La Gran Mentira

Asumando que los Estados Unidos fuesen companlleros de la islas de Puerto Rico. La isla de Borinquen no estuvieses sufriendo el embarque y robó de Americanos al recoger sus millones de los  boricuas con  El Jones Act el cual les empone millones de impuestos ilegales a la isla y los Puerto Riquenllos. Ya es tiempo de reponer y trael nuestras culturas, cosechas y productos caribe al frente de los portes para exportar productos “HECHO EN PUERTO RICO” a sido suspendido por los Estados Unidos hacen decadas sobre los productos bancarios mientras otros paises la cual no tienen cuidanida americana tiene más productos exportados en los almacenes Americanos diariamente . Es necesario y es nuestro derecho cosechar , armar y exportar nuestros servicios, productos, y  80 porciento de productos en el presente son de otros paises y no Puerto Rico. Es una injusticia robar el destino de una isla. Cuando será que sé terminará la gran injusticia y rasismo de los estados unidos sobre Puerto Rico y los Puertos Riquenllos Americanos.

The make sense transportation!

As I see the world changing I myself opted out of the comfort of my 6 cylinder car with the bells and whistles. With it comes more maintenance, costs and those irritating sensors that mean nothing other than spend more money, more money,more money at the mechanics. So I purchased a small 4 cylinder with just the basis. After a couple of weeks of riding it?  I found that it just makes sense turning to a smaller manual car with just the basic necessities vs the overload of extras. 

Of course you cannot compare the comforts of power steering but I enjoy the little car around the city and especially at the pump.  However, until electric car prices and recharge stations become more accessible I’ve been checking out these electric bikes. At $1400.00 it seems to be a no brainer for great transportation. I’ve seen people get excellent mileage with one charge on these bikes. It’s worth looking into the electric bike if a car is too expensive and of course if it’s the right for your lifestyle and needs of course.