Puerto Rico’s Unfair Trade Policy With The United States.

Americans took possession of the territory of the caribe when Spain lost the Spanish American War. Now Puerto Rico was given its autonomy by Spain (free from Spanish rule) prior to the end of the war. Therefore Puerto Rico was not a possession of Spain. The United States invaded and took over the island for it’s strategic location and it’s idealistic agricultural advantages as well as the Anglo conquistador manifest destiny over smaller territories in their quest to colonize those countries and territories. In the case of Puerto Rico it has destroyed the exports trades in lue of the billions they make off if the Merchant Marine Act or the Jones Act that has taken billions from the island. America has destroyed the Puerto Rico Import Export trade to the US and other countries.

Ask yourself when was the last time you walked into a mainland American supermarket and saw produce and/other items from the island of Puerto Rico which is a US territory that can import fruits, vegetables, and the same commodities that come from abroad faster, cheaper verses produce and merchandise from countries that are not a territory of the United States and miles further such as Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, and Latin American, South America, China and any other abroad countries. Take Mexico for example. Your local grocery and giant market chains carry only Mexican and abroad islands and countries and I’m not against their goods. However, Think about that when President Trump promised to bring jobs and products back to the US. Sounds like a bunch of horse shcit when Puerto Rico a United States territory has no fruit’s, produce, and/or any other products/ mechandice available at local grocery stores, Super Market chains, Walmart, Dollar General, etc? We are forced to purchase these goods at a much higher price than if it came from our US territory of Puerto Rico. Why would this make any kind of sense. Because in politics lobbyists make a lucrative living off of those type of iligalis taxtitus ( I call it). I TRY to make it a point to purchase products from the US and stay away from palm oil which is destroying the rainforest, Eco system and animals at alrming rates. I also avoid goods from other countries when possible. However, how can that be a reality when 90 percent of everything we purchase is from abroad by way of our own US politicians. So you tell me where is the colusion? Right in the chambers of Congress.

Don’t be afraid to question and make a difference. Even if it’s written in blog, posts, or pen and a paper in order to open people’s eyes into the dangers we are facing. We are fast becoming the weakest country in the world. Be Well!

Now, Take Me To Prison!

As if we’re that easy, like in Good Fella’s The Movie

Going away to prison will be a everlasting change in your life and the lives of your families.

 You say to yourself I could never see myself doing time.

It’s crazy what the human mind body and soul can withstand. At times we say to ourselves ” I could never see myself in jail I will die or any other unimaginable situation. Yet the human spirit will push you to survive and withstand the hard parts of your life.

Going to prison is something many could never see themselves in. Just the thought of being incarcerated is horrifyingly scary and unimaginable thing to go through. This is the reason why I wrote this post is to advise you to prepare yourself if your looking at a jail/prison sentencing date. finding yourself in a situation where you will have to be incarcerated is traumatizing and life changing experience. This is the reason I decided to assist and recommendf individuals not familiar with the prison system and prison life to find individuals that assist in jail /prison expectations and preparation assistance. Their are individuals that assist in this field and it’s a much needed service yet no one facing such an unimaginable situation has the where about to go to get this information or are hesitant in looking for one. That is why I decided to assist individuals which are facing time in jail and/or prison. I was one of those individuals that was lost in the system and it is a terrifying experience that I will NEVER forget nor want anyone to go through it..

However, I got through it and you will too. If you’re facing time in jail or prison and need someone to assist you into what to expect contact a parole officer, county Half Way Houses, or even myself. Because there is something called prison edicate that You Do Not want to cross. I strongly urge you to contact me, for assistance in getting through this difficult and dark situation. I’m not looking for payment although any payment you would want to give will be recieved but not required.

Life gives us many turns and you never know where that turn may lead you.. Be Well

Call me at 973 750-8024 leave a message for Robert.

Check The Home First Before You’s Sign The Lease..

  • That’s the only way I can title this post. Almost ten years ago my ex wife drops off my son and tells me ” Take Him”!  I did what any parent would do I took him. But let me go back to why she decides to bring him to me. About twelve years before she decides she wants to move to Florida. Now I wasn’t hot on the idea but if you want to go, oh well! So she ends up moving down there with my son. I really was well with the idea because our marriage was holding on by a thread. This woman was like a tornado. You ever been with someone that is like a tornado?  When they are not around everything is peaceful, calm, and quiet. The minute they’re back, the peace and tranquility is over. Well that was her a tornado x’s 3 . After living with that for about four years after my son was born it came to the point that breaks were a norm. We’d have an argument, she’d grab the kid and go to her mom’s for three days. Which is unacceptable especially the way olskool Latinos are raised. It is a lack of respect for a woman to leave the house. In any case it should never get to the point where someone has to leave the home you share. However, If someone had to go I prefer I’d go. At first that would drive me insane and she knew it did. But she did it just to piss me off and it did. After a while it became the norm. It’s like I need that time because it was too much. In the beginning of our moving in together I’d sit in the car right before going in the house just thinking what’s it going to be tonight? Because there was always a issue, an argument, or a fight between my daughter and her daughter . Oh I forgot to mention that when I moved in with her I was a single parent of a six year old daughter. Her mother died a year before from substance abuse. I had custody of her because her mom chose the streets and never visited even though my doors were always open yet she never would come to visit. So by the time she died my daughter didn’t miss something she never had. So going back to my ex-wife, she had a sixteen year old and a 7 year old that would literally gang up on my daughter but I couldn’t prove it but I knew that all the chaos in the house between the 6 and 7 year olds was orchestrated by her Sixteen year old. So by the time the “I want to move to Florida” thing came into play I was like why not move to Florida and I’ll come down to Florida once you find a place and settle down. But the more time passed the more I was okay living in Jersey and her in Florida. What I would do is go down there every other month and stay a few days and come back. On one occasion early on I went to Florida and during her time at work I’d stay at the house and I’m noticing that their would be lots of unsavory looking kids outside the house which were friends of her sixteen year old from her prior marriage which watched my son while she was at work. So I tell my ex-wife look this doesn’t look good. We have an eight year old son that is here while you go to work and I’m sure these kids are in the house while you go to work up to no good and she would be more at work than at home many times. You need to get a hold of this house. This place is a mess. These kids don’t look like good kids they look like derelict’s and pot heads.  She gives me the yea okay thing but never took the time to get control of the mess that was going on in the house” So I go back to Jersey and make my visits periodically until it just got old and I’m like okay with my having my own now and I don’t want to go to Florida. I’m definitely okay and I’m am where I belong. It wasn’t said but it was basically over. That’s when she contacted me and said I’m sending Bobby (our son) over there because he’s been smoking and misbehaving. She books a flight and sent him. Upon arrival I look in this bag and the kid had no belongings in the bag So we go shopping for all his needs, school supplies, videos game station, with new game every week. I sign him into school and begin the process of having him live the life of a 9 year old should be experiencing . Remember, he’s been around teens that smoke and drink so the kids is smoking by this time and I’m working with him in school due to his having this problem and more to come . But that taught me before I move in with someone check their home and see how they live before you THINK you found the right one!
  • I got plenty more just out of time. But dad’s/ Mom’s and kids end up paying for the evilness of a parent. Wanna hear how it turns out or have questions? Hit me up….

How Lucky Can One Man Be?

I’ll start this with,: How lucky can one man be. So I’m watching this show where the father probably has more kids than he planned or thought. With the day-to-day struggles of caring for the children the father rarely gets a chance to watch a football game. His favorite pastime before the children. The mother, the nurturer, wanting to include the children with the father’s passion makes a plan to buy tickets to take him and the children to a football game, EEK!

As the day starts out it’s basically chaos! The kids are all over the place they have to eat, they have to get snacks, they have to run around, and include tailgating. Meanwhile dad is struggling to fix the doorknob before they leave which abruptly broke. Now they’re off to the game where they get to the game and it still not the ideal game watching scenario. The father is changing diapers while catching quick glimpses of the game and the mother is with the other ones as well. Off he goes to change the diapers wherever he can since there’s not diaper changing areas at these places that you may go. So they made do and go through the game and I see that even though they didn’t get to watch the game it was a very difficult but cool day. Why do I say that because when we as a men have a passion that we enjoy watching or participating in versus the time in with our family. We tend to sometimes separate them and that can be the start of a down fall of the family. I give big ups to the spouse’s that make that initiative to include the father’s or mothers passion with the children’s presence because in the future they’re all going to remember that football game and how special it was to have them all together rather than have him alone and them at home.

Enjoy your Parenthood while you have them young because one day they’ll leave and you will have memories that at that moment seemed rushed but you did the right thing. How can that family’s memory replace a sports event without the craziness of the family. Parents make sure that there are many memories such as these. How lucky can one guy be!

Be well

George Clooney, Nescafe, Puerto Rico, y la gran Mentira

George Clooney un artista americano la cual no a hecho películas ases unos años. Pero se puede ver ahora prometiendo el café Nescafe. El ahora proclama que es Puerto Riquello ahora y se a metido en el multimillonario sector de café puertorriqueño. Prometiendo al los capesenos que iba adelantar las cosechas de café de Puerto Rico. Pero no fue así George Clooney a conspirando con otros para otra vez mentirles al Puertorriqueño. Clooney y empresas la que les están promoviendo un monopolio a Nestle. Este hombre les está siendo un daño a las cosechas de café con la empresa Monsanto.

Las fincas de café puertorriqueños en el pasado nunca an necesitado hermisidios. Empresas relacionadas con George Clooney an conspirando a controlar las fincas la cual en un entonces nunca usaban pesticidas porque el café crese grande la cual e palo se protege si mismo con las sombra del Palo y el sol. Estas empresas americanas a convencido a jibaro que para cosechas más abundante el palo se tiene que recortar. Lo que resulta fue un desastre de pestisidos, germenes attacando las cosechas del cafe boricua.

Entra Monsanto para las fincas para de acer se del café de Puerto Rico a vender les un líquido pestisidio la cual ellos mismos han conspirando para controlar las fincas cosechas y precio. Este líquido causa cáncer a los trabajadores y les da una cosechas más costosa y un grano bajo en grado la cual se lo venden afuera de la isla y los puertorriqueños les empuja el Nescafe de empresas controladas por el americano. Borinquen despierta y no les compren a Nestle. George Clooney se aprovecha de este monopolio.

“Crooklyn’s Gone. What’s left is the Social ill’s of the Ghetto”.

I believe children’s ignorance is the better part of our lives. As children we see life clean and untainted. As we grow up we are taught to follow rules and be a good person. We experience life with the hope that all is fair and you can make a difference, and you can! As our lives continue, we grow we begin to see life in a different manner. The have and have not’s. Life becomes tainted and realistic and not as fair anymore. Some more than others experience evilness, tyranny, racism, war, poverty and or aka “The social ill’s of the Ghetto”. Which brings me to our present day. Decades after the civil rights movement in America the world is still divided in such a horrible way that we are no better off today than back in the days of Spelled Out Segregation circa 1940 America and Puerto Rico’s racial atrocities. Today’s social media pushes the ugly of society in our face constantly. Basically, it’s sad that experience teaches one the outcomes of life’s realization of the have and have not”s and the ugly’s that social media beasts do, They record and laugh about inhumane acts. Today segregation is very much alive and moving forward. Financial wealth security. This segregation will keep you from living in a ideal neighborhood. This segregation feels like you are a prisoner in your home for fear of being harmed, killed,or having to harm or kill someone over the senseless things that make no and some will not understand. However, if you live in one of these ghettos you will identify. There is no opportunities of affluent living. Maybe you’ll catch a glimpse if you happen to leave town for work and see the peace and tranquil and wonder “Damn how is it that they can live this dream. Many work their whole life and never experience a neighborhood. You mat work hard yet the only areas that many can live are ghetttoesk. Who really wants to buy an affordable home in bad area. We wish for an area where our children can go to the best schools and never have to experience the violent ill’s that we have in today’s urban living. Its a shame that things haven’t really changed at all. You know that feeling as a parent knowing you will never be able to protect your kids from life’s evils, racism, crime, and injustice in urban areas. Life economic unfairness by government, politicians, and you local pastors is real ugly.

Take a look at Al Sharpton. Yes, that’s right Good Ol’ Al. He started as an AKA Urban Community activist for Towana Brawley, A girl that yelled rape by white men and he flew to the press and really made a circus of this only to position himself like a leader. But it was all a lie. She lied about it to avoid getting into trouble by her parents after having sex. You don’t hear too much about that. You only hear sharp-tongued Sharpton. He used the communities social ills to climb his way out on top. Today he a type of correspondence on MSNBC. SMH. He has no witts in this forum but that goes to show us how fake our leaders of today are what many stand for, Money. They say they are here to lead us and make life an American dream. Then you realize they have been lying to us and controlling us with the American Dream. It is possible the attain an American Dream? Maybe Yes. Money and power rules, it determines where you can live, eat, work, shop, and even how our children are raised. That is what you eventually realize. Then again not everyone is built for life outside of the Ghetto. Some love it and choose to stay in the Ghetto and make their money by destroying the lives of others. Living off the misery of others. When you look back your not rich. Your stuck in it just as those that are poor or living in the shadows avoiding trouble, the immigration, a warrant, a bullet, or a body if that one day you run into that individual that just pushed you to your last. Todays world is diferent, our societies are different. If your not financially free it can feel as if your confined living in areas that don’t give us opportunities and freedom that the affluent have. To the young, don’t waste time, go and get yours because no one will hand it to you. In fact some will try and take it from you. Surprisingly, it may be one your own that will keep you from going foward. Stop, let them go and get out as soon as possible. Even if your pressumed by those same individuals or others to be unrealistic, Get away from the Ghetto so that when you have children they never have to see or suffer the Social ills of the Ghetto. Today’s ghetto is not Crooklyn anymore. Those days are gone today life is harsh and unforgiving. Don’t cheat yourself and your children via an SSI check that will keep the next generation in the poverty cycle. Their is never justice and peace in urban society, it doesn’t exist. Your only chance is out. I’ve never seen a millionare in the ghetto. What’s the worst that can happen? Failure.

Success consists of going from failure to failure without the loss of enthusiasm.

The War on drugs!

Well, it seems like when Ronald Reagan(R) and Nancy by his Side kicked off the War On Drugs which Joe Biden(D) was the real architect of The War On Drugs, ain’t that a bitch! Well, anyways Regan had the Aids crisis. He helped fill the pockets of  politicians and Big Pharma while Social Services was scrambling around for the crumbs the government will give out to make it seem like the government was actually doing something for the Aids crisis. As that is getting some traction. What else can we come up with to make some cash. Oh, the Iran Contra scandal. That was a beaut, but America is the largest consumer of drugs, So what to do?

The War On Drugs , lets see how did that start. The C.I.A. in the middle of providing drugs for guns for The Iran Contra deal. The US gives the Contras guns and in exchange the U.S. buys their drugs with the help of the Panamanian President Manuel Noriega and Reagan’s and his team all got off and kept their pensions. All the while shoving as much cocaine into the urban areas of the United States. They all got away with this with the exception of Noriega, The American brown and black folks flooding our communities with tons of cocaine and heroin. Well, as the writing of this piece the official scoreboard is over a trillion plus spent and Mexico cartels are all scrambling killing each other to get those drugs over the borders. The cartels kill the other cartels while the Mexican cops watch to see what’s left. Hell, they can’t beat them so they keep their scanners on and wait for the cartels to off each other and then they are off to pick up the drugs and pack them up and funneled through the pipeline. Who cares about the bodies No One! Khadafi , Iraq, Charlie’s War, Afghanistan, Pakistan, CIA, Reagan, Bush1, Bush2, Rumsfeld, and what was that guy that was always having a heart attack but NEVER died oh yea the beast. AMERICA THE LOST LEGITIMACY OF THE WAR ON DRUG LONG AGO. WHAT’S LEFT? DRUG’S. more drugs today than ever before. Every now and again they kill an Escobar or imprisonment a Chapo Guzman to make a headline for the team USA. However, it’s all bulshit. Drugs is big business and the government knows just like the mob, shit deep in it. Like Grandmaster Flash said on his track White Lines ” More Precious Than Gold”. They make money on both sides of the drug trillion dollar business. On one side they turn a dollar on the import to the US, the Civil Forfeiture during drug raids, the Inpatient Treatment Facility, Oh here’s one better, the Methadone Clinics, and there all over the country dishing out synthetic dope to addicts and encouraging them to become a lifelong client just like your friendly neighborhood drug dealers that they have to pay not daily but now weekly and the day you don’t pay they throw you out of the clinic. Damn it, if don’t sound like the dope man on the block to me.

Did I say their was a war on drugs? Sykes..