The commonwealth of Puerto Rico has a modern infrastructure, a large public sector, and an institutional framework guided by the regulations of  US federal agencies, which have an active and continued presence in the island. Its main trading partners are the United States itself. So basically it’s dictatorship.It reminds me of our American history class: BRITAINS and  “No Taxation Without Representation” AKA the American Revolution. Damn, if it sounds and looks JUST like it!! Citizens haven’t been given rights to be the owners of their own destiny nor representation for the all taxes paid. Thousands of miles away but still a territory of the United States is Washington D.C. is no different than Puerto Rico in its taxation, trade, laws of the United States yet treated human like. In Puerto Rico, only times have changed. How long can you milk cash cow without the present chaos. Manipulate its financial infrastructure so that it’s financially ruined. Then the island is open to vultures and scavengers seeking to take over with smiles while daggers are in the backs of the Puerto Rican People. Puerto Ricans have fought in large numbers side by side in American Wars. A long  lists of American campaigns have been headed by Puerto Rican Americans. So don’t treat us like second to third class citizens. We are American citizens during war and peace.

We earned our rightful place in America and earned the right to be owners of our destiny on our Island of Puerto Rico and mainland US. So real quick: Respect our Island and dump that ridiculous vulture hedge fund and big government spending that created the Puerto Rican Debt. This So Called DEBT was paid a long time ago with blood, lives, sweat, and tears.


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