Watch “ALKQN history” It’s not what many would want you to believe.

As you will see in the following utube video a small insight on how the Almighty Latin King Nation & ALKQN began. How it is perceived by many today to be a ruthless criminal entity. 

Not everything you hear and see on tv is true in totality. Just as the Young Lord’s did the primary objective of the nation was to organize Puerto Ricans and Mexican Communities against the unjust treatment of the latino from gentrification, police brutality and a lack of social services and basic human rights in the Latino community . You cannot put a label on all for the criminal acts of some. I don’t expect you to agree. However, understand unbiasedly.


The following death penalty by lethal injection gone wrong . A life for a life will never make a wrong a right. 

America is a country with the highest number of prisoner’s per capita in the world.  As you will see here are prisoner’s executed for their crimes. Is a life for a life just, I don’t believe so. The biggest punishment you can give any living thing is total confinement not execution.  What you are about to see is an execution gone wrong and others last word. Caution : What you are about to see is graphic. Please do not share with children.

This is my Jack.

Some of Jack’s favorite things to do is eat, sleep and play . He’s very shy , I would too if I were left out in the street where humans were very awful to me. His prior home was an apartment where his owners left him in a 90`degree heat in mid summer for over two to three weeks, his owner’s were evicted for non payment of rent. Once he was discovered by the superintendent he ran outside and lived in the area living off of garbage scraps and as cats are “keeping a low profile”. He survived the winters because the superintendents wife would leave the boiler room open slightly in the basement to cool down the room from the intense heat. I guess Jack saw this as an opportunity to get warm. When she noticed he was there along with the other cat that was with him in the abandoned apartment she began to put out dry food. I noticed Jack when he would meet me everyday where I parked my car and followed me in where I began to take a liking to him. After that I would bring them cans of wet food and spend time with them. By this time the other cat was old and beginning to disappear for days at a time until one day he never returned. Jack continued on making friends with other animals in the area and raccoons or at least he thought. One day I go to the room to bring him food and usually when I call him he would immediately answer but not on this day. I call him again and he answers with a faint sound. The light switch was on the other side of the room so I feel my way towards him but he feels wet and it wasn’t raining that day. I go and turn on the light and look at my hands and they are covered in blood. I immediately hear a racoon trying to get back in the room. Apparently, Jack thought they were friendly but that changed when she had cubs and Jack thought it was okay to play with the cubs so the mother really hurt Jack. I go upstairs and get a basin of hot water and hydrogen peroxide with a cotton t shirt I cleaned him up. Two days after I took him to the veterinarian and had his wounds checked and my daughter brought up the why don’t you adopt him. I really had no answer other than, alright.
Today Jack is still scared of people. He is scared of the sounds of plastic bags (I guess that comes from his days of dumpster diving) so when I change the kitchen liners I’m careful to be quiet. I take him for a daily walk in the hallway. However, if he sees someone he runs into the apartment. I was never a cat person yet I understand the meaning of mistreatment and racism.
One thing is for sure. He’ll never have to be mistreated as long as I’m alive. “”