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Tienes problemas con un familiar en New Jersey detenido en la cárcel de Essex y no entiendes el idioma y leyes emigración INS. Don’t understand INS with a loved one detained at the Essex County Jail (INS) call me R.Camacho, NJCSW

Things are changing in the INS deportations by the thousands are growing everyday. Detainee’s are to be given fair judicial process and fair treatment and expedite those cases that are in error released and those that are here illegally are transfered to our border to return on to their original country.

However,the language barrier can make their detention stay a horrible life threatening daily dilemma. Living alongside murderer’s and maximum security inmates when their charge in many cases are overstaying their visa time allotted and not commiting any crimes in the US. The language and legal documents that should be translated in a nonjugemental manner most often are presented in an improper manner where even a legal resident can be also caught up by not knowing that their identifications were stolen used by others. Not being afforded the proper explanation of their charges,rights,and security making the process long,costly and very dangerous to the detained. If you need help contact RR.Camacho,CSW  CALL AND LEAVE MESSAGE AT (973)750-8024 OR DM ME ON TWITTER.

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Hurricane Maria, The Island of Puerto Rico, Virgin islands, and Mexico earthquake Ruins. Who are they really sending their money to?

As you already know Puerto Rico and Santo Domingo have been struck by another devestating hurricane. This time it was hurricane Maria. As a retired Social Worker I am aware of many organizations with names that have been sonanomous with collecting donations for the poor, impoverished, and those in need.  Now what you need to know is that these organizations many times end up sending as little as 25 percent of your donations to the actual affected persons and communities. 

Surprisingly, it’s all legal because of the 5013C  tax law. Organizations under the 5013C are tax exempt. That means they don’t pay taxes nor are they mandated to report all of their income, donations,etc. So Most of these donations sent by caring people that really want to help end up in the wrong hands. The money ends up first going into the hands of these organizations CEO, Program directors, employees salaries, heathcare, office rental space, lights, office furniture, company cars, etc and it’s all legal. So what does the target population get? Trickle down cents on the dollar. If you really want to donate money or goods that end up in the hands of those in real need of batteries, milk , diapers, fuel cards, etc to Puerto Rico , Mexico , and the U.S. Virgin islands just contact me via message on this post or you may send it Direct Message to me  RR.Camacho CSW on Twitter. 

We do not accept money or goods instead we assist in references that will get you to the channels that will transport your donation and given to families in Puerto Rico, Virgin islands and Mexico with those most isolated locations in remote areas being served first. Again, I am not soliciting funds or goods. My objective is to assist those in need  that are not receiving relief because of the trickle down policy of agencies receiving fund and the Communities most affected don’t see any relief. Any support that you may render will reach its destination.