Lord’s Prayer In Latin

Sancte Michael Archangele, defende nos in proelio; contra nequitiam et insidias diaboli esto praesidium. Imperat illi Deus; supplices deprecamur: tuque, Princeps militiae coelestis, Satanam aliosque spiritus malignos, qui ad perditionem animarum pervagantur in mundo, divina virtute in infernum detrude. Amen

The Transcontinental Railroad


The Transcontinental Railroad (1869) is the name given to the first railway built between Omaha, Nebraska and Sacramento, California, making coast-to-coast train travel across the US possible. What used to take four to six months now took just six days.

Crooked companies making crooked lines: The US government had wanted a transcontinental railroad since at least 1845. In 1862 the contract went to two companies: the Central Pacific, which built the line eastward from Sacramento, and the Union Pacific, which built westward from Omaha. Both companies were hugely corrupt (the Credit Mobilier scandal, for example) – and did not take the shortest route so that they could make more money.

The Union Pacific went across flatter land but had to fight off more Native Americans, whose land they were taking. They employed 20,000 men, about 300 were Black, 3,000 were Irish.

The Central Pacific went across mountain and desert almost…

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After thirty plus years in prison for seditious conspiracy against the U.S. After, the rich, famous, and American supplication for the release of Oscar Lopez died down decades ago. Puerto Ricans both on the island and mainland America continued their support and pleas to the American government for his release. Oscar was released  but under house arrest back in March from an Indiana federal prison where he had been incarcerated. I had written him letters of support and letters to the our government for his release.

However, on May 17,2017 he is officially free and able to be celebrated by the millions of island Puerto Rican supporters and American supporters. Puerto Rican followers look forward to this day to welcome back a man that is considered by many to be a Puerto​ Rican patriot and give hope in a time of despair to the Island of Puerto Rico.

Dishonorable acts from our political leader’s on the Island and mainland America helped themselves to multi millions of dollars that should have went to the Puerto Rican People. Instead, many of the last 16 governor’s have funneled millions into their pockets and their cohorts and family. Yet, not one has  been charged for their crimes and continue to live free. How is it that American politicians did nothing to intervene in such widespread corruption without being a part of it themselves. We looked​ towards our political leaders for trust and leadership. Instead many of our so called government leaders have sold us and our Island to the highest bidder. So now many us look for what would seem to be words of encouragement from a man that led his part in the nationalist Puerto Rican movement. Since his release via the out going United States president Obama after millions of pleas from the Puerto Rican public. We finally welcome him despite those that feel otherwise. This is a historical moment for Puerto Ricans.

Welcome home Oscar Lopez Rivera.

You know that feeling while reading a good book wanting the honorable to triumphant over evils? Well, “War On All Puerto Ricans” isn’t this book. Find out now.

After reaching the last chapter on the War on all Puerto Ricans. I read the book with some anticipation of hope (and do mean HOPE).  That some good would materialise from the sacrifice made from so many Puerto Ricans for only wanting what is theirs by right. Their autonomy out of due righteousness. However, that wasn’t it as it reads. Excerpt from THE KING OF THE TOWELS:

One,two, three, four,five, and turn…It was impossible to found a civilization on fear and hatred and cruelty. It would never endure; it would have no vitality; it would disintegrate. It would commit suicide.

Years have past since and with it the  Island of Puerto Rico from Puerto Rican native people.. All that was done to save the destiny of Puert Rico from tyranny, and total invasion/captivity was the intended destiny of an island with a convenient strategic location  for American interests and the abilities to trade successfully and compete on an open market . Yet America saw fit to capture it and infiltrate it and make up laws as they went to destroy to ideals of freedom for the Puerto Rican People. Puerto Rico was never saved by Americans. IT WAS BOMBARDED by the American Government and invaded.

Looking back at American History 101: The American Revolution was formed and fought because the Americans didn’t want to pay British tax for American land and goods. Which in reality they were justified in doing so. Just like Puerto Rico should be allowed to manifest it’s own destiny. “Talk about hypocrisy”!

What the Americans fought against in the American Revolution they then turn around and do what was done to them to the island of Puerto Rico and it’s people. The granted autonomy of Puerto Rico by spain in 1896 brought a bright future. The island was forming it’s government as well as having created a Constitution draft. The creation of  it’s own currency backed by wall street was in the making. So how could it be that the United states was an allie to the Island of Puerto Rico and it’s people. In fact it was invaded and without an army it was open season on the Puerto Rican island. Those that opposed “The Nationalists” fought against the over taking. 

Take look a the current situation in Puerto Rico. It’s as Don Pedro albizu Campos said decades before in a speech. “If we allow the Yankees in our Island. We will soon live as beggars on our own land at the feet of the Americans.

Just take a look at Puerto Rico today and you be the judge.

Méxicos president, “We’re not paying for the wall!”.

Watch Video WASHINGTON — Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto said Wednesday his country “will not pay for any wall,” defying the claims U.S. President Donald Trump has made. But he did not cancel his trip planned for the United States next week. “Mexico does not believe in walls. I’ve said time again; Mexico will not…

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