Now, Take Me To Prison!

As if we’re that easy, like in Good Fella’s The Movie

Going away to prison will be a everlasting change in your life and the lives of your families.

 You say to yourself I could never see myself doing time.

It’s crazy what the human mind body and soul can withstand. At times we say to ourselves ” I could never see myself in jail I will die or any other unimaginable situation. Yet the human spirit will push you to survive and withstand the hard parts of your life.

Going to prison is something many could never see themselves in. Just the thought of being incarcerated is horrifyingly scary and unimaginable thing to go through. This is the reason why I wrote this post is to advise you to prepare yourself if your looking at a jail/prison sentencing date. finding yourself in a situation where you will have to be incarcerated is traumatizing and life changing experience. This is the reason I decided to assist and recommendf individuals not familiar with the prison system and prison life to find individuals that assist in jail /prison expectations and preparation assistance. Their are individuals that assist in this field and it’s a much needed service yet no one facing such an unimaginable situation has the where about to go to get this information or are hesitant in looking for one. That is why I decided to assist individuals which are facing time in jail and/or prison. I was one of those individuals that was lost in the system and it is a terrifying experience that I will NEVER forget nor want anyone to go through it..

However, I got through it and you will too. If you’re facing time in jail or prison and need someone to assist you into what to expect contact a parole officer, county Half Way Houses, or even myself. Because there is something called prison edicate that You Do Not want to cross. I strongly urge you to contact me, for assistance in getting through this difficult and dark situation. I’m not looking for payment although any payment you would want to give will be recieved but not required.

Life gives us many turns and you never know where that turn may lead you.. Be Well

Call me at 973 750-8024 leave a message for Robert.