Puerto Rico’s Unfair Trade Policy With The United States.

Americans took possession of the territory of the caribe when Spain lost the Spanish American War. Now Puerto Rico was given its autonomy by Spain (free from Spanish rule) prior to the end of the war. Therefore Puerto Rico was not a possession of Spain. The United States invaded and took over the island for it’s strategic location and it’s idealistic agricultural advantages as well as the Anglo conquistador manifest destiny over smaller territories in their quest to colonize those countries and territories. In the case of Puerto Rico it has destroyed the exports trades in lue of the billions they make off if the Merchant Marine Act or the Jones Act that has taken billions from the island. America has destroyed the Puerto Rico Import Export trade to the US and other countries.

Ask yourself when was the last time you walked into a mainland American supermarket and saw produce and/other items from the island of Puerto Rico which is a US territory that can import fruits, vegetables, and the same commodities that come from abroad faster, cheaper verses produce and merchandise from countries that are not a territory of the United States and miles further such as Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, and Latin American, South America, China and any other abroad countries. Take Mexico for example. Your local grocery and giant market chains carry only Mexican and abroad islands and countries and I’m not against their goods. However, Think about that when President Trump promised to bring jobs and products back to the US. Sounds like a bunch of horse shcit when Puerto Rico a United States territory has no fruit’s, produce, and/or any other products/ mechandice available at local grocery stores, Super Market chains, Walmart, Dollar General, etc? We are forced to purchase these goods at a much higher price than if it came from our US territory of Puerto Rico. Why would this make any kind of sense. Because in politics lobbyists make a lucrative living off of those type of iligalis taxtitus ( I call it). I TRY to make it a point to purchase products from the US and stay away from palm oil which is destroying the rainforest, Eco system and animals at alrming rates. I also avoid goods from other countries when possible. However, how can that be a reality when 90 percent of everything we purchase is from abroad by way of our own US politicians. So you tell me where is the colusion? Right in the chambers of Congress.

Don’t be afraid to question and make a difference. Even if it’s written in blog, posts, or pen and a paper in order to open people’s eyes into the dangers we are facing. We are fast becoming the weakest country in the world. Be Well!