Check The Home First Before You’s Sign The Lease..

  • That’s the only way I can title this post. Almost ten years ago my ex wife drops off my son and tells me ” Take Him”!  I did what any parent would do I took him. But let me go back to why she decides to bring him to me. About twelve years before she decides she wants to move to Florida. Now I wasn’t hot on the idea but if you want to go, oh well! So she ends up moving down there with my son. I really was well with the idea because our marriage was holding on by a thread. This woman was like a tornado. You ever been with someone that is like a tornado?  When they are not around everything is peaceful, calm, and quiet. The minute they’re back, the peace and tranquility is over. Well that was her a tornado x’s 3 . After living with that for about four years after my son was born it came to the point that breaks were a norm. We’d have an argument, she’d grab the kid and go to her mom’s for three days. Which is unacceptable especially the way olskool Latinos are raised. It is a lack of respect for a woman to leave the house. In any case it should never get to the point where someone has to leave the home you share. However, If someone had to go I prefer I’d go. At first that would drive me insane and she knew it did. But she did it just to piss me off and it did. After a while it became the norm. It’s like I need that time because it was too much. In the beginning of our moving in together I’d sit in the car right before going in the house just thinking what’s it going to be tonight? Because there was always a issue, an argument, or a fight between my daughter and her daughter . Oh I forgot to mention that when I moved in with her I was a single parent of a six year old daughter. Her mother died a year before from substance abuse. I had custody of her because her mom chose the streets and never visited even though my doors were always open yet she never would come to visit. So by the time she died my daughter didn’t miss something she never had. So going back to my ex-wife, she had a sixteen year old and a 7 year old that would literally gang up on my daughter but I couldn’t prove it but I knew that all the chaos in the house between the 6 and 7 year olds was orchestrated by her Sixteen year old. So by the time the “I want to move to Florida” thing came into play I was like why not move to Florida and I’ll come down to Florida once you find a place and settle down. But the more time passed the more I was okay living in Jersey and her in Florida. What I would do is go down there every other month and stay a few days and come back. On one occasion early on I went to Florida and during her time at work I’d stay at the house and I’m noticing that their would be lots of unsavory looking kids outside the house which were friends of her sixteen year old from her prior marriage which watched my son while she was at work. So I tell my ex-wife look this doesn’t look good. We have an eight year old son that is here while you go to work and I’m sure these kids are in the house while you go to work up to no good and she would be more at work than at home many times. You need to get a hold of this house. This place is a mess. These kids don’t look like good kids they look like derelict’s and pot heads.  She gives me the yea okay thing but never took the time to get control of the mess that was going on in the house” So I go back to Jersey and make my visits periodically until it just got old and I’m like okay with my having my own now and I don’t want to go to Florida. I’m definitely okay and I’m am where I belong. It wasn’t said but it was basically over. That’s when she contacted me and said I’m sending Bobby (our son) over there because he’s been smoking and misbehaving. She books a flight and sent him. Upon arrival I look in this bag and the kid had no belongings in the bag So we go shopping for all his needs, school supplies, videos game station, with new game every week. I sign him into school and begin the process of having him live the life of a 9 year old should be experiencing . Remember, he’s been around teens that smoke and drink so the kids is smoking by this time and I’m working with him in school due to his having this problem and more to come . But that taught me before I move in with someone check their home and see how they live before you THINK you found the right one!
  • I got plenty more just out of time. But dad’s/ Mom’s and kids end up paying for the evilness of a parent. Wanna hear how it turns out or have questions? Hit me up….